Sue Ramirez: The Life Unfiltered

The Fearless Rock Chic
by Jasmine Gagarin

Down to earth with summer-like disposition that fills the room with light, October STAIL Icon Sue Ramirez is an absolute gem. She is genuine and unfiltered. It’s people like Sue, who embraces authenticity and individuality in a way that is empowering to us women. It’s a sight to see how she sits there and laughs with the people she works with during the shoot.


She’s been in the industry for nine years now. It’s been a long ride, but it’s great to see how far she’s gone. Initially signed for a singing career, it’s incredible how versatile she’s become. Sue has tried it all – from singing, dancing, to acting. She played a starring role in her most recent movie, “Cuddle Weather,” with RK Bagatsing and rocked the Music Museum in a self-titled concert at the same time. A total bucket list moment for Sue.


“When someone does something, it doesn’t mean na they have to do it over and over. It’s nice to explore the things that I can do.”


Being herself makes her unfiltered. She likes to see herself as one of the most adventurous and fearless actresses. Well, she is! Sue finds joy and contentment in being who she is and saying what she feels. She doesn’t care what others would say but makes sure there’s always something to learn in every situation.


There’s always satisfaction in giving your best effort. That’s what fuels Sue’s passion for her craft. “Sa lahat ng ginagawa ko , one hundred percent talaga. If you’re not gonna do it one hundred percent, just don’t do it at all. You’re wasting people’s time. And you’re wasting yours too. Kasi saying naman yung opportunity and na tapos mamaniin mo lang. Unfair naman yun sa mga katrabaho mo and unfair din yun sa mga tao na nagtiwala sayo to the job tapos hindi mo gagawin ng buong buo.”, she said.

Sue gives a piece of her heart

I asked about the roles she’s played. She has done an outstanding job in bringing her screen characters into life, but I wanted to know which one is the closest to her personality. Sue, didn’t take long to respond to that. She said, “Every role that I do, I give a piece of myself, a piece of my soul, and a piece of my heart. That’s how it actually works in acting. You always give a piece of yourself in some things that you have to do.” 


“Siguro, the closest, is Adela. Siya yung tipong hindi niya ipapakita na malungkot siya. Di niya papakita na vulnerable siya, or fragile siya. Kung kaya niyang ayusin for herself she’s gonna do it and she’s not gonna ask for anybody’s help. That’s how I am too. Hangga’t kaya kong gawin magisa, gagawin ko . But I never hesitate to ask for anybody’s help. Pag kailangan ko lang talaga.”, Sue added.  She considers it as a way to challenge herself so she won’t be too dependent on other people. When she has problems, she makes sure she tries to act on it first before opening up to others.


What you see is what you get. Sue tries to be honest in all things and all places. She admits she doesn’t like lying. Thus, she wants people to see her as she is. Individuality and personal trademarks remain as her advocacy in the industry. People should stop and avoid pitting women against each other, especially in the entertainment industry.

“I’m fearless. I can take on any challenge any day.”


Our October Stail Icon fears no one but makes sure love and respect is given to everyone. “You have to learn how to stand up for yourself. We’re built differently, so we have to respect other people. Sa trabaho na to; you really have to make sure na you know how to take care of yourself. Kailangan kaya mong ipagtanggol ang sarili mo, of course, sa tama. Kasi kung hindi, aabusuhin ka ng mga tao. It became a realization na it’s not only in this industry na that has to happen. Sa iba’t ibang klase ng trabaho, mararanasan at mararanasan ng mga tao yan. “


Her mom has inspired her a lot. She said she got all that fearlessness from her mother—her strength and being outspoken. If there’s someone she will always look up to, that would be her mom.



Sue’s 100%

It’s a total surrender. When it comes to love, Sue is an all-out lover. “Sabi ko nga, I always give my 100% I don’t have hesitations. When I take a risk, I take it fully, and I give everything I can give. Pag ako nagmahal, sobra sobra. Tsaka hindi ako nagsisisi sa desisyon na ginawa ko. People come and go.”


“You can treat them as regret, or you can treat them as a lesson. It depends on how you treat things all the time – even on criticisms. Dalawa lang naman yung reaction mo lagi sa mga bagay na darating sa buhay mo eh. It’s either you like it, or you don’t. Might as well take everything positively.”, she adds. That makes her such a fearless Stail icon. Despite all the challenges thrown at her, she makes the most positive thing out of it.

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