Suit Up, Ladies! Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Power Dressing

Power dressing on point!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Much has been said about our clothes defining who we are. The cliché, for sure, has a point. However, I believe our clothes influence who we can become and how we want to be perceived. The comfy and cozy feeling of wearing the basic white tee and jeans is different from the more sophisticated vibe when I wear an evening dress. How we dress, have an impact on how we go about our day. There’s a clothing style that’s back on trend that will suit your power mood. Brace yourself because the power suits are back.



The Power Suit


According to Lanquist from Style Caster, “The power suit is an undoubtedly iconic clothing item. And as with any tried-and-true piece, it’s been reimagined time and time again—rendered in vibrant colors, dynamic prints, and textured fabrics. But the latest iteration of the power suit plays with a different element: the item’s silhouette.”



Photo courtesy of Splash News


Women, without a doubt, can look dapper in suits too. This easy-to-style apparel can give you such a robust appearance and will revolutionalize your style. Suits do not equate to men or masculinity. In fact, with the rise of Instagram fashion, celebrities and influencers prove that it’s time to add power to your wardrobe. Trust me — women are going to go all-out power dressing and killer styling with suits in 2020.





For some, suits are just the common grounds when it comes to workwear. But hey, we’re not talking about the oh-so-corporate type. This time, we’re all about the stylish working girl vibe. Suits nowadays come in different hues and styles. Here are some of our local celebs to show us how it’s done! 






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