The 10th Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Was Nothing Short Of A Spectacular Exhibition Of Filipino Ingenuity 

This April marks the 10th season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFFX) and it was Ahh-Mazing.

by   DYN

by STAIL Team x Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 10

This April marks the 10th season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (PMFFX) and it was Ahh-Mazing. Hitting its five-year mark in the industry, PMFF aims to be a major fashion event in all of Southeast Asia. “Over the last four years, we’ve had 18,000 guests and over 6,000 pieces shown from at least 125 designers. We’ve done a lot in terms of numbers and we promise to keep doing that and keep making things better,” said PMFF founder and Art Personas CEO Ronnie Cruz.

Indeed, this year’s first season of Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival was an astounding display of world-class Filipino talent. With over a hundred pieces showcased by 38 designers, the event was nothing short of a masterpiece. Picking up from last season, this year kicked off with some serious elevations.


Lineup of Designers


Best of the Season

Avel Bacudio’s collaboration with actor, model, and singer Matteo Guidicelli was absolutely captivating. The collection gave me Bad, Bold, Back-to-Basics energy that I didn’t know I needed. Ripped jeans and tonal tops with a hint of oxblood red–I lived for it!


Kaye Morales’ piéce de résistance married street style identity with grassroots streetwear. Imagine caution-tape-like wraparounds with the word “Reborn” on it alongside fetish accents and fiery feathers. The truth and sincerity of Morales’ storytelling through her craft is truly magnificent.


Yong Davalos‘ “Barbie Realness” made me swoon for the gods (namely Madonna and Elle Woods). It was a pretty-in-pink collection with a twist–ornately crafted minuscule fanny packs wrapped around models’ necks and ankles (like, who would think of that). Davalos’ pink all-day, everyday collection was fun and ridiculously genius.


Cherry Veric’s collection was straight-up heaven-sent–like literally, I saw angels on the runway. Veric’s “Angels” collection of Renaissance art design is truly remarkable, emotionally rewarding, and infectiously uplifting. His storytelling through his designs and execution were truly immaculate.


Bessie Bessana and his “Concrete Jungle” collection were inspired by the magnificent city of New York. “While making and curating my pieces, I envisioned a New Yorker who is powerful, limitless, and daring,” explained the designer. “How she fights her day-to-day life in the big city. My collection spans from day to night to showcase how I see her go about her daily life”, he added.

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