The Art of Defining a Woman

She can what she want to be.
by Alliah Delgado

What is the world without a woman? A woman who understands and cares for everyone more than herself. A woman who still fights for her rights and freedom, to be able to speak her mind without being called names.




Not just your mother, sister, or friend. She is a mother who puts her children above all, your sister who will pick up a fight for your sake and your friend who’ll lend her shoulder for you to cry on. It doesn’t matter if she is biologically female or woman by heart. She is whatever she wants to be. She’s an engineer, doctor, actress, businesswoman, politician, and writer. She is everywhere.


This is a story of 8 individuals defining women and how they are perceived in society.




Elaiza Kean, Business Manager of Atomatic. Kean knows what she wants and what she dislikes. A sea and sunset lover.


Leynard Flloyd, Social Media Manager. He cries even at the smallest things. Thus, his tears prove how strong he can be.


Sheelah Mae, Public Health Associate, DOH. The giver. She listens and understands to your emotions. She is the warmth you need when numbness comes in.


Mariel Rios, Civil Engineering Graduate and Young Entrepreneur. Hands-on businesswoman by day and an earnest student by night.


Allison Reign, Drag Queen. Fashion is her Kingdom and she is the Queen. Being the ruler, she does not close her door but opens himself to possibilities.


Ningning Andres, PUP Communication Society. She’s an all-rounder. A free-spirit. She let her heart guide her to everything she does.


Camille Grace, Mom. Being a mother to her beautiful daughter didn’t stop her to do things where she’ll feel most alive.


Editha Delgado, Team Supervisor, DSWD. My mother and my best friend. The strongest person I know. The reason why I am here, my reason for everything.


What’s your definition of a Woman?


“A woman is a unique creature, she makes the most out of everything that’s given her. She is an epitome of beauty, wisdom, and care. A woman is someone who is strong enough to be on her own and doesn’t need a man to prove her worth.”

  • Elaiza Kean


“Personally, I think that a woman is defined by her place and space in the world, crafted by her, forged for her, and shared with other self-determined women. A woman is what a woman makes it to be.”

  • ­Leynard Flloyd


Being a woman is POWER. The woman has greater responsibility in shaping the future. Because they have greater influence on children, which would eventually be the FUTURE

  • Sheelah Mae


Women are ALWAYS expected to behave, talk, and express ourselves in a certain “FEMININE” way. Women are expected to be skinny but NOT too skinny. They want you to be curvy but NOT too curvy because they’ll mock your weight. Everyone wants you to be smart and intelligent but expects you to be submissive to men.  Love to see you well-dressed, but hates it when you take a long time to get ready — and most of all, they want you to be a virgin, but experienced at the same time. You see, it is such a struggle to be a woman when there’s a whole bunch of expectations and standards women “must” always meet. And as a woman, this absurdly long list of expectations for women written by this male-dominated society is obviously impossible to achieve in reality.

  • Mariel


“Hundreds of words may not even enough to describe a woman. Like our generation, the definition of a Woman changed from where it was before. From the perspective of an artist, I see a woman as an imagery of the world. Women gave birth to humanity.

  • Allison Reign


We can be a woman in every single way. As long as we embody our true selves and express freely. I can say that I’m definitely a woman. Even though I was born biologically as a man. Vagina or our mere reproductive system doesn’t define womanhood.”

  • Ningning


“A woman is a nurturer and at the same time a fighter.”

  • Camille Grace


Full of wisdom and true to everything that she does.”

  • Editha Delgado

What is the characteristic of a woman that you think everyone doesn’t know?


A woman is labeled for her modesty, class, and how she presents herself. Above all the tags and names, she has a unique character that only a few can see beyond.


“I think that one of the most understated characteristics of a woman is her freedom, her choice, and the ability to define her femininity for herself.  As a society, we’ve constantly changed the meaning of what’s feminine power; be it against the patriarchal space we live in or amongst the women with whom we navigate this space through.,” Leynard gave emphasis to the society and how it acts towards women. He said that a woman can be anything she chooses to be. She can be feminine, partly masculine, bi, straight, lesbian, trans, religious, or agnostic and still be a woman. The Woman revolves as she chooses, to her own rhythm and at her own pace.


Ningning stressed that the main characteristic of a woman that everyone doesn’t know is that they are STRONG. Due to the common stereotypes of society, they are tagged to be demurred, soft, and feminine. But we all have strengths and they can do more.


“It is indeed that in our modern society, women are now known as powerful leaders, credible influencers, and community changers. We imagined them as what we called “Strong Independent Women.” But what we don’t recognize most of the time is how raw and vulnerable women are.,” Drag Queen Allison Reign added that there is purity in a woman which she bares from the moment of her birth which she thinks not all of us acknowledged.


As for Kean and Camille, A woman is as equal as a man but with all her strength she can still be vulnerable, she can easily be hurt, and she sometimes lacks confidence when everyone else thinks she always has the guts.


“Being a woman means being strong. We grew up in the thought that women are weak, submissive, and worthless. For a long time, pursuit of equal rights, we discovered that women can do what others can do or even beyond that. We are God’s vessel to bring life into the earth, but it doesn’t end there,” says Sheelah telling her Mother’s struggle and story. She may bleed, kneel and cry, and get back up again. That moment made her realize that being a woman is hard but fulfilling.


“That one thing which I think most of the people do not know about women is that WOMEN ARE MORE THAN JUST THE SOCIETY’S STEREOTYPES. We are not just somebody’s wife, mother, daughter, or sister. We are our own person.” Mariel wants to give emphasis on women fighting her rights. A woman can decide for herself. If she doesn’t want to bear a child, get married, and be a housewife, it is all up to her. Let her be successful as well as chase her dreams when she was just a little girl.


“Hard-headed”, these two words my mom gave that sums up all the answers above. A woman is hard-headed to keep up with society’s changes. She is built to be this way for her own sake. She is hard-headed to be strong enough against all the expectations and prejudice made for her.





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