The Devil Is In The Details: How To Spot A Fake Gucci Bag

There are some things counterfeiters overlook.
by STAIL Team

Rihanna, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, and Kristen Stewart all have one thing in common: they love Gucci!

Unfortunately, imitations of their (and our) favorite luxury brand abound and some are so well made even the experts are fooled. To ensure you don’t fall for a phoney bag, purchase yours at the boutique itself or from a trusted collector who wants to unload her pre-loved purse.

In the meantime, know how to tell the difference between one that’s fake and for real?

Here are five ways to find out if you scored the real deal:

1.) Look closely at the logo

Image result for gucci logo on bag close upImage courtesy of Luxity 

Generally, the Gucci gold-plated GG logo is overlapping, while the mongram pattern has the double GG, the one on the left upright and facing right, and the one on the right upside down and facing left. The pattern must be consistently spaced and GGs of equal size.

2.) Check the zippers, hardware, and clasps

Image result for zipper gucciImage courtesy of Bagaholic 101

Here’s something a Gucci replica can’t replicate: thick and sturdy brass hardware and a zipper with a Gucci mark. Look closely if the handbag’s clasps are very hard to fasten–if they are, then you’ve got a fake on your hands.

3.) Examine the bag’s lining 

Image result for gucci lining
Image courtesy of Tradesy 

If you spot a purse lined in a plastic fabric, or if the fabric looks a little wrinkly, the item is most likely fake. Gucci’s lining is a good indicator of overall quality.

4.) Is the “controllado” card there? 

Image result for controllato cardImage courtesy of Handbags-Love To Know

The brand has a control system to ensure the authenticity of every bag purchased by Gucci’s customers. Every handbag the brand releases comes with a controllado (Italian for “checked”) card.


5.) Never forget the serial numbers

Image result for gucci serial numberImage courtesy of Poshmark 

The leather tab in the bag with the words Gucci (in all capital letters) Made In Italy (in lower case) has a serial number hand-stamped on it. According to, the brand uses 10-12 numbers in the two rows, with no more than six numbers per row. The first six numbers in the top row refer to the style number, while the second row of numbers is the supplier code.

Are the prints small and close together? Then it’s most likely authentic. Words and number spread apart are the marks of a fake, say Gucci experts.


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