Escolta: The Old Queen Of Manila Streets

Before BGC, Escolta and Binondo were the places to be.
by STAIL Team

This was the Escolta of pre-war Manila: Imagine a busy district lined with Art Deco, neoclassical, and Beaux-Arts buildings and establishments.

The street was animated with people day and night. Long before High Street in Bonifacio Global City,  Escolta and Binondo were the places to be.

During the 1900s, Binondo could compete with any major city of its day. Binondo had it all: hotels, movie production houses, restaurants, luxury stores, and offices housing national and international companies. The district was overflowing with both local and foreign merchants.

Image Source: ZipMatch

Escolta, located in downtown Binondo, was the go-to place for fashionable Manila. During the galleon trade, it was a place for Chinese merchants to make a living.

Later, it became the primary shopping spot of Manila. Escolta gave Manila its many firsts.  The Salon de Pertierra was the first cinema to bring Filipinos their first silent foreign films. The first elevator was located in the Burke Building, and the Crystal Arcade was the first air-conditioned shopping center in Manila.

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