This Young Designer Is Shifting The Fil-Chi Fashion Scene

Shao Shi’s designs are for those who prefer a more modern wedding look. It’s his masterful use of different fabrics that allow him to achieve the perfect design.
by Mark Baccay

Elegant, classy, beautiful—these are the words that rang in my head looking at Sue hanging on the elephant ladder for our October issue. She looks nothing short of perfection wearing a custom Shao Shi dress.


Shao Shi always knew he wanted to be a designer. His creativity is unparalleled, and the receipt is on this Month’s cover. He started as a bridal make-up artist and then ventured into design gowns. Shao Shi established his label in just a year, and that says a lot on his creativity.



For the young designer, It’s more than technique and execution that matters. It’s more than “telling stories.” And it’s undoubtedly more than aesthetically pleasing outcomes. With these principles, now he is living his dream.  “It is always my dream to become a designer. It is my joy to see the clients feel prettier in my gowns,” he told STAIL as we talk about his journey. 


Just like any other fashion designer, Shao Shi takes his client’s personal experiences as inspiration to create his collections. Inspiration is everywhere, and it may come from a trip, the people you meet, emotions, and feelings.“My creativity comes from my client’s stories on how they see themselves and what their dreams are.” He explained.


In our interview with Shao Shi, he shared his views on fashion and took us deeper into his world. He gave us insights into what his label represents and what his craftsmanship is all about.


Shao Shi as a visionary

“My vision is to create a statement that showcases Filipino-Chinese designs through fashion. As most of my clients are of Filipino-Chinese background, I want them to share their unique heritage in their union proudly.”


Shao Shi’s representation in the fashion industry

“My label represents the Filipino-Chinese community. I hope to use my designs to bring peace among the Filipino and Chinese communities during these challenging times between the tension of creating a relationship with the Chinese government and the Philippines.”


Shao Shi’s note to young designers

“My advice is to listen to your clients. Make sure that your creations reflect your clients and make them feel special during the most critical moment of their lives. Always be punctual and never be late during their appointment because wedding planning is not supposed to be stressful.”



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