This Filipino YouTube Series Is Trending Around The World

Love crosses all boundaries, even pandemics.
by Ian Vill

A beautiful romance was born at the height of the pandemic while everyone was in quarantine. The IdeaFirst Company challenged themselves to create a series that can be shot remotely with everyone just in their respective homes.  The result of this is a YouTube series called GAMEBOYS. Without any fanfare or big promotions, it already hit over a million combined views after just 2 episodes. Fans around the globe, including the USA, Europe and Latin America have started a new trend of Filipino BL series. (BL = Boys Love)


 “GAMEBOYS is ultimately about love overcoming all boundaries – even physical ones set by our new reality”

Executive Producer Jun Robles Lana.

“It is about two people who find each other at a time when they can only connect with one another virtually.  I think that is what makes it so resonant with audiences around the world.  We want to believe that you can still find love and companionship even in the middle of a pandemic.” Executive Producer Jun Robles Lana.

GAMEBOYS stars Kokoy de Santos, who starred in the Cinemalaya hit F*ccbois, and Elijah Canlas, the star of internationally acclaimed film, Kalel, 15. GAMEBOYS is the first Filipino series to ride the latest trend of successful Asian BLs. The most recent hit being Thailand’s 2Gether The Series. And now Korea’s Where Your Eyes Linger. Ivan Payawal, the director of GAMEBOYS, admits being overwhelmed to see this series get so much international love.

“I knew we had a show we can all be proud of, but it’s just overwhelming to see fans from around the world commenting and posting about it. A lot of them even creating reaction videos to chronicle how much they loved our episodes!”
Ivan Payawal

The dialogue in GAMEBOYS is in Filipino but The IdeaFirst Company uploads it with English subtitles. But within hours of posting, the fans themselves contribute subtitles in other languages. To date, you can watch it with French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Ukranian, Czech, Turkish, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and Arabic subtitles.

Watch GAMEBOYS in the The IdeaFirst Company YouTube channel. This is the same production company behind award-winning blockbusters movies such as Die Beautiful and The Panti Sisters.

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