This Is Where Good Food Meets Good Company

Wings or Steak? Umm, both!
by Jasmine Gagarin

If you’re looking for a great dine-out with friends or your loved ones, what could be more amazing than chicken wings? Or perhaps a great steak? You probably went out with friends who either like to eat at a steakhouse or get some chicken wings. It’s hard, exhausting, and such a frustrating struggle to decide where to eat, especially when you’re all so hungry. Fortunately, Mixedstone Wings and Steak narrowed the decision down for you.


Mixedstone Wings and Steak is owned and operated by Khaori and Inand. It is a fusion of two contemporary restaurants, Iron Pan and Chicks and Fins. Inand Ibasco, 23, co-owns both restaurants and tells STAIL.PH how the restaurant Mixedstone came to be.





Kasi maraming naghahanap ng Steak and Wings eh. May naghahanap ng Steak, may naghahanap naman dito ng wings. Kaya, binuo nalang namin siya. Ginawa ko na lang isa tutal maluwag naman yung place. – Inand





Before, branches from the other restaurants can only accommodate about fifteen people. Since they were able to find a more spacious place, Inand decided to combine these two stores, and became a hit.



Originally started as a “trial,” Mixedstone has grown into a place loved by students around the University Belt (U-belt). In fact, the owners are planning to add another branch by January or February of next year.





As a restaurant owner, Inand knows that he had to go through a lot of challenges initially. He started venturing into business since he was 17. Inand started from grilling stores, bazaars, to printing shops. He had his losses, but never quits.



Wag kayo sumuko. Just try and try. Kasi, ako may sampung beses na na nalugi. Kada talo naman, may natututunan. Hanapin mo yung business na gusto mo.




Precisely what he did when he delved into the food business because that’s what he loves. His love for wings and steak led him to come up with a company that could help students afford what seems to be expensive food. “Usually pag sinabi mong steak, mahal. Pag wings, mahal. So sabi ko, bakit di ako gumawa ng affordable? Para ma-try din yun ng estudyante, ng pang-masa, diba? Yung naaafford na wings and steak.”, Inand shared.






Good taste of food and cozy place


That’s how you’ll remember the Mixedstone experience. Also, having accommodating staff is very important. “Kasi kami, mahilig kami kumain sa labas. Importante na mabait ang mga nagseserve sayo. The staff are disciplined and loved para marunong din sila magmahal ng mga customers, para bumalik sila.”, Inand added.








There’s so much more to Mixedstone than a remarkable history. They offer great food at such an affordable price. Their steak ranges from 145PHP to 199PHP. In fact, their T-Bone steak is only 109PHP. You wouldn’t want to miss their creamy sauce (to die for!). Since it is served in a stone pan, you can enjoy it while it’s sizzling hot!

Moreover, their wings range from 89PHP to 145PHP. Is it worth it? Yes! All flavors are delicious and stay crunchy. My personal fave is their Spicy BBQ. It is glazed with a flavorful sauce, so be ready for that.






Mixedstone also offers UNLIMITED wings, siomai, nachos, and rice every weekend for only 245PHP.





The place is perfect for students and for all people who are always on-the-go. Mixedstone is located at 584 Gastambide St., Sampaloc, Manila, and is open from 10 AM – 9 PM.  You can also order through Grab Food or Food Panda. Visit their facebook page here!



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