Top 5 Most Stylish Video Game Fashion Characters

Throwing kicks or shooting monsters, these guys always look good.
by Ian Vill

Video game characters can look out of this world sometimes, but the inspirations for them still lie in the real world. A video game character’s fashion sense and clothing can show their personality just as much as we real humans choose our clothes to express ourselves. In the vast world of video games, there are specific designs that stand out.


Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish video game characters out there.



Bayonetta is the main fashionista character of a video game series with the same name. Unlike most video game characters who wear the same clothes all the time, Bayonetta is shown to change her outfit and her hair multiple times throughout the game. No matter what though, her choice of clothes always fit the practical side of whatever she is doing. Walking down the street shopping? She’s got a dress for that. Fighting hordes of angels? Her practical and flexible tight leggings are ready for anything.


Inklings | Splatoon

Splatoon is a player versus player shooting game. The player can choose a color for their Inkling (character), and this immediately changes their appearance. Every single inkling in this game is fashionably riding the activewear trend. Their bright colors represent the game’s active and fun style, as well.


Lili | Tekken 7

Lili is the wealthy girl street fighter fashionista of the Tekken universe. Similar to Bayonetta, she also changes her style, and she got options. Lili’s signature skirt and high heels have been her character’s staple. It’s not practical to do street fighting with heels, but at least she looks great on them. And have you ever been kicked by heels? I bet it feels like hell.


2B | Nier: Automata

2B is the android main character of Nier: Automata. She doesn’t change her clothes, but her all-black aesthetic is something to die for. That silver hair makes for a perfect contrast on her black clothes. The black head-band-eye-patch might not be practical, but the subtle black halo vibe it gives is enough to justify it. The high heels could also be a problem for most people in combat, but she’s an android for heck’s sake.


Edea Kramer | Final Fantasy 8

Edea is a sorceress in Final Fantasy 8. She wears a long dark purple mermaid tail dress. The torso is open, showing off some chest, and lined with black feathers. Her headpiece is a strange combination of spikes, seashells, and curved horns. And I don’t even know how to describe that back piece. Her entire outfit states powerful, which she truly is.


Qiyana | League of Legends

Qiyana is one of League of Legend’s latest released characters. Her base outfit isn’t the most exciting, but she has an exceptional look that screams luxury and high fashion. Louis Vuitton and League of Legends partnered to create a series of skins (character costumes) for the game. Qiyana was the first to be released. Take a look at it more here.


Video game fashion is not something to take for granted. We can all take some inspiration from these fantastic characters.



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