Trend Alert: 90’s Hair Clip Comeback

The 90’s hairclip trend has officially infiltrated the beauty and fashion world.
by STAIL Team

The ‘90s hair clip comeback has officially infiltrated the beauty and fashion worlds. Velvet scrunchies, knitted turban headbands, hair rings, open-center jaw clips, and snap clips are your new hair bling. The revived trend has been worn by sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid as well as the Kardashians. It’s also been seen all over Instagram, red carpet events, and runways. Our favorites? Gold-encrusted pieces, oversized rhinestones, and crystal shells in different shades and sizes to suit your hair color and, of course, your personality.


These pieces are so ornately designed and straight-up pretty that you can wear them with your laziest and messiest hairstyles and look instantly polished. Try them with your hair parted in the middle and put them on either side or do a classy one-sided double clip moment. If you’re looking for a hairstyle upgrade with zero commitment, these hair clips are your best bet.


Looking back at where it all began, these hair clips are the mainstay of red carpets and music videos in the ’90s. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, and Salma Hayek have long been slaying this trend. Jennifer Aniston who starred the hit TV series FRIENDS is arguably the messiah of the barrette and snap clips.  This comeback is a gift to humanity and we are here for it.  Definitely, this throwback is here to stay.

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