Turn Your Old Apparels to New Closet Treasures with This DIY Designs

Promise you will save much
by Alliah Delgado

Are you into art and got lots of extra time these past few days? Come on and bring out your old garments from your closet. Go get scissors and some measuring tapes. Because today, we will be having experiments with your forgotten shirts!


From “almost” trash bin clothes to new loved #OOTD. From rags to stylish outfits! Here are some Do It Yourself designs you should try. Plus, imagine creating something from nothing. You might find this therapeutic too! (you may even discover your talent in fashion designing)



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Choose if you want a spaghetti strap sando, a normal shirt, or loose long sleeves due to being overused or too much machine wash. Start by tracing the pattern of your underwear on the your chosen piece. Make sure you’re leaving an inch apart when cutting. Finally, sew a snap button at the connecting points — this will secure the clothing so you don’t have to worry adjusting it every minute. There you have it, your own body suit!



Two Piece Plaid Dress

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I am sure your father (or brother) has an unused polo. Make sure you have their permission to do this because we don’t want them going crazy looking for it (only for them to find out the day you wore it!). Cut the oversized polo into two according to you desired measurement. High waisted skirts are the baddest!


Patches, Embroidery and Painted Jeans

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This is possible if you have old jeans that have holes due to being overused (or use your mom jeans). You can buy patches at online stores for a very cheap price. Pick the design you want — it may be floral or with cartoon patches. Also, if you really want to showcase your talent in art, then painting your jeans is the best idea.

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