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Jennifer Lopez Wears Versace’s Resort 2019 Denim Boots

If anything, we learned not to ditch pants when wearing this pair.
by STAIL Team
Jennifer Lopez wears Versace's Denim Boots from Resort 2019
Jennifer Lopez wears Versace’s Denim Boots from Resort 2019

After the entirety of the internet spotted a photo of Jennifer Lopez wearing denim boots from Versace’s Resort 2019 collection, the question on everybody’s mind is this: Are they really stylish?

Admittedly, the boots do resemble a pair of jeans, jeans that are being worn halfway to the thighs, like a pair of pants, except worn much lower. Scratch that–they actually look like a pair of pants pulled down. The look does have its quirks, and I bet that was what Versace was aiming for. But it might just not be what we need right now.  

With the right styling, however, it does kind of work.

Versace's Denim Boots from Resort 2019 as seen on Vogue
Versace’s Denim Boots from Resort 2019 as seen on Vogue

What do you think? Too much? Or just right?

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