Want A Good Valentine’s Day Date? Here’s What You Can Do

Step 1: Get a date.
by Ian Vill

Valentine’s day is approaching and we all want to have that perfect Valentines date. Some of us might not have any experience going on dates and could have a hard time preparing. If you’re one of those people, then you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. Here, we will teach you in extreme seriousness, how to get ready for your amazing love day.

STEP 1: Get A Date

Yep, as simple as it may sound, we know some of you readers aren’t actually in any relationships. This is a good place to start for you hot singles. Before you even start preparing, make sure you actually have a date. It doesn’t have to be all romantic either. Go hang out with your friends and family or date yourself. Just do something.



STEP 2: Places To Go and Things To Do

There are many ways to approach a Valentines date. It could be romantic, exciting, or relaxed. Everything depends on the tone you want to have for the entire day. Your date could be all of those at different times of the day.



Here’s an  . Start off in a chill ambient cafe in the morning and chit chat your time away. Go to a museum to appreciate the beauty of artists’ minds, and appreciate each other’s minds as well. Skate your way on the ice. The ice might be cold, but at least you two will be cute and warm. Stroll along the bay area as you both watch the pinkish-orange sunset be replaced by the dark blue night sky in vanilla twilight. And at the end of it all, go for a romantic dinner and talk about your day one last time. Or just get samgyup. That’s always good.




STEP 3: What To Wear

Clothes are not just things we wear on our backs. They have a much deeper meaning and significance, especially on important days like Valentine’s. Make sure you know what to expect on your date so you can wear things appropriately. Is it casual sporty, or more formally romantic? This will dictate whether you should wear your normal everyday clothes, or a fancy little suit or dress.



STEP 4: Get Groomed

You could be wearing the nicest clothes, but if you’re skipping on the grooming, then you might not look nice at all. Check out our grooming guide to see what you can do about it.

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