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Wardrobe Must Haves For The Wet Days

Don’t let the rain get in the way, girl!
by Jasmine Gagarin

The weather doesn’t have to dictate what has to come between you and your sense of style. Although it’s quite tricky to go through your wardrobe and dress up because of fear of getting drenched and all dirty — don’t let the rain get in the way, girl!

So for this unpredictable season where monsoons come and go, here are some wardrobe essentials for all brave fashionistas who want to survive this crazy weather.


Keep yourself dry and warm in this cold season! Choosing water-resistant pieces are essential, especially if you’re going to be out all day.  If you are not a raincoat type of person, you can always wear jackets that you can use from day to night depending on the style that you want.

wet season fashion jacket

wet season fashion jacket wardrobe

Photos from H&M


What a perfect time to wear the sweaters you’re hiding in your closet. Because it’s called sweater weather for a reason! You can even wear that oversized sweater and not feel guilty about it. With this ever-changing weather, you can try to layer pieces too in case it gets too hot or too cold. Weather the storm with style!

wet season sweaterPhoto from Mango


If you like wearing pants, you can opt for stylish and baggy jeans then fold it at the bottom. For something more lightweight, leggings are fantastic too since it dries quickly in case you get drenched!

wet season leggings wardrobe

Photo courtesy of BENCH

rainy season pants

Photo from H&M


If you want a more lightweight piece, shorts will help you move freely and save you from all the wet hassle.

rainy season shorts

Photo from funfashion.ca


It can be very windy during this season, so if you don’t want your umbrella to turn inside out when you’re out and about; it’s always worth it to invest in durable ones! You can even opt for dark-colored ones or go for bright pieces to fight the gloomy weather.

wet season accessories

Photo from Amazon.com || Repel Umbrella


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