What Every Girl Needs To Achieve A Worry-Free Period

Be the best version of yourself!
by Jasmine Gagarin

One in two girls feels uncomfortable when they’re on their period according to a global survey by Johnson and Johnson. Are you one of them? Well, we all know that menstruation is a natural part of our lives as women and we never get entirely used to it.


We have days when we just CAN’T. We have days when even the simplest daily task seems too hard since we are on it. It’s hard to move, sleep, be confident, and we only find comfort by the side of our beds.


This feeling of worry and discomfort often translates to different experiences that make period such a negative, inhibiting experience for women, especially young girls.




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“Our period limits us girls from a lot of things – from simply getting out of bed in the morning to doing the things that we love to do. It can hold us back from trying, from moving, from being who we are and who we want to be,” shares the Senior Brand Manager for MODESS® Frankie Velante. “We at MODESS® believe that the fear of having tagos [leaks] and that uneasy feeling caused by wetness or sudden gushes shouldn’t stop us from going to class, practicing sports, performing, going out with friends, or from simply being the best version of ourselves.”




To reach out to us girls and to help us #KeepMoving towards our best selves even when we are in our periods, MODESS® holds the first-ever MODESS® MOVE CAMP. Guests can enjoy and spend an exciting afternoon with the newest Modess Squad of 2019 Maymay Entrata, Bella Racelis, Hazel Quing, Kim Kianna Dy, Jai Asuncion, and Agassi Ching.











These girl power advocates lead different Camp Classes where they aim to share real period stories and help young girls discover a drier and more comfortable period experience through tips and tricks on how to #KeepMoving with MODESS® during period days.


In addition to being more comfortable even when on our periods, we also don’t need to worry about leaks and wetness! #KeepMoving with the ALL NEW and IMPROVED MODESS®. The new MODESS® has the advanced Close Fit Center that absorbs 2x faster and safely spreads fluid within the pad for superior dryness and protection.




PARTNERSHIP. The President and Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Philippines, Mr. Raghu Krishnan said, “Through this partnership, and with your support, we hope to educate 500,000 girls nationwide and help end period stigma.”Although menstruation can still be an uncomfortable topic among some girls, MODESS® partners with the Philippine Red Cross PRC to raise more awareness on menstruation and personal hygiene. This is also to empower us to #KeepMoving during our period days.


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