What To Wear On Valentine’s Day Based On Your Personality

Find out what you should wear on your dream date!
by Jasmine Gagarin

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! It’s that time of the year when shops are dominated with flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, and all sorts of gifts. Deciding what to wear on the “most romantic” time of the year can be quite intimidating but girl, trust your personality and wear it.


Whether you’re celebrating this special day with your other half, girlfriends, or just by yourself, remember to take that Insta-worthy V-day pic. Here are some outfit ideas from five girls with different personalities! Find out what they’re doing and wearing for the famous Heart’s Day.



If you’re going to a fancy restaurant with your long-time boyfriend, then you can relate to IYA. She’s wearing a red wrap-around dress with a ruffled hemline. Her nude pair of heels accentuate her legs and help her stand out. She doesn’t go overboard with accessories and chooses minimal metallic ones. Do you think her boyfriend will propose on their date night?




The Yen

Going to the amusement park for Heart’s Day? Well, Yen here decides to go sweet and comfy for a first date. The idea of having your first date on this day might not seem appealing to you, but Yen thinks it’s just any other day. She wants to show her friendly and fun personality with an outfit that’s good for long walks. Her pair of sneakers are perfect for fun day-time activities while she chooses her stylish long sleeve top just in case they extend through dinner. Now, who wants to go ride the bumper cars?





How do you dress up when you don’t have time to head home between office and dinner? Ask Aizel! She’s wearing this salmon jumpsuit that’s perfect for day-to-night dressing with her statement earrings and pair of sunnies. This girl boss is ready to party with her girlfriends. She just needs to grab her trusty coat just in case it gets cold.





There’s always an adventurous girl in the squad! Vhecka has a rider boyfriend and she is always up for spontaneous adventures. She’s taking a break from work and is going on a road trip with her beau. She opts for summer-inspired coordinates with her white sneakers. Go for this look if you want a casual date outfit!





Ianna is nailing the strong and independent woman look! For Valentine’s day, she’s treating herself a ME day with a well-deserved self-love. For her, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym. This athleisure outfit is definitely serving some looks!





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