Woman Don’t Dress to Please Your Feelings

We don’t need your approval, tbh
by Alliah Delgado

Living in an environment were social norms is the bible, it is really hard to spread your wings and paint the skies the color you want. Doing things that keep you alive but is contrary to what is usual and conventional to the eye of the crowd. You always find yourself at the middle, torn between abiding by the rules and living for yourself.


Being Asian and living in a conservative family is normal. Women are usually told to dress in a formal way. Little to no skin should be seen and should only wear clothes that will not catch the eye of the predators around. That woman should be the one to adjust and not the people around who have issues with her clothes.


Women don’t dress for men. The same goes for the guys who want to wear what they want. Let them live! Let them express themselves through style and fashion. We should not stop or mock them by the way they dress just because it doesn’t go with what we normally see.



Her size, her choice. If she’s skinny, she’s worth it. If she’s thick, still worth it. Don’t tell them to gain or lose weight. They already thought about that too. I am sure they tried lots of things to find an answer to a problem. A problem that society created for them.


We should support each other. Spread positivity and let the bad vibes go away. We are not gaining anything with the hate anyway. Every little act of support will go a long way and If you still can’t stop being critical with these things, close your eyes and look away.


It is not her duty to please you. Period.


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