Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men

Fragrances from the women's department that every gentleman can use.
by Mark Baccay

In a room full of great men and their fragrances, indeed, only the iconic ones stand out in a crowd. There’s nothing wrong with smelling like your usual self, but when it’s time to freshen up, it helps to have that extra boost of confidence. Many guys don’t realize the most positive effects of wearing a pleasant fragrance.


There are things you need to consider when it comes to choosing a perfume. It might be better if you pick your scent yourself, rather than wear one bought as a gift, as choosing your perfume can be your best asset in scoring some lovin’ tonight!


Although floral scents saturate the female fragrance market, there are a lot of fragrances from the women’s department that every gentleman can use.

Here are Women’s Fragrances That Smell Great On Men


Balenciaga | Balenciaga

The Balenciaga fragrance takes you back to the springs of your childhood. It almost smells as if it were from the 19th century when scents were non-specific. The smell is a mixture of a citrusy day, woody feels, and oakmoss in the base and a bold violet note, which makes it unique. Some might think that this has an echo of old cologne, but this one smells nothing but classic perfection.


Lust | Gorilla Perfume

Sexiness in a bottle. That’s how you describe this perfume. With its jasmine based ingredient and said to be an aphrodisiac – this fragrance gives you the idea of hot summer nights and sticky heat through its overtness. For some, this might smell intense, full of bravado, sensual, and honey notes, but nothing speaks a sexual edge that a confident man can quickly get away with other than this bottle.

Tubéreuse Criminelle | Serge Lutens

This creation by Serge Lutens is nothing but an extraordinary sensation for your senses. When you are feeling bold, I love to recommend wearing this super-sensual fragrance. It’s made around the unmistakable smell of tuberose, but Lutens has made it sexier for the sake of love. It is warm, smoky and musky and very, very hot indeed.

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