Wondering What To Wear To Work?

I mean, who doesn't want to be as stylish as they do outside the office?
by Jasmine Gagarin

We live in a world where there are existing dress codes and uniforms – whether it be in school or work. When others can choose freely about what they want to wear in their workplaces, others find it hard to wear the same business clothes or mix and match with what they have every single day.


It’s all about finding the right balance. Of course, we need to be professional and look the part, to create a positive impression in all our respective careers. I mean, who doesn’t want to be as stylish as they do outside the office?


Here are some STAIL staples you’ll want to add to your wardrobe to make you want to wear your office outfit everywhere else!


You can never go wrong with a plain white shirt! Clean look and very easy to pair with any skirt or pants. This piece can save your life, especially when you’re running late for work.


Photo from H&M



Go for that modern chic, sleek business professional look! This white fashion piece will make you look more refined and polished. Spice up the look with cute minimalist accessories.


Photo from H&M


Try wearing one in prints too, or you can use a boyfriend shirt with a more formal skirt or pants.


Photo from H&M


No matter how basic your outfit is, adding a blazer to it improves and uplifts the look. Blazers are very versatile as you can adjust to the weather. So when it’s cold in the office, you’re blazer is a lifesaver. If it gets hot or if you want a different look after office hours, remove it. Easy and flexy!


Photo from H&M


Whether it’s a pencil or midi skirt, black is always in! It’s straightforward and goes with about everything.


Photo from Mango


Upgrade your look with your not so ordinary working pants. This fashion piece changes the game!


Photo from H&M


Replace your other casual clothes and add a bit of class to your look! Loafers can be paired with everything: pants, skirts, or rompers. Name it!


Photo from Mango

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