You Can Now Get A Louis Vuitton Skin on League of Legends!

The partnership we never knew we needed.
by Ian Vill

You read that title right. This was one of the most unexpected things to happen in fashion this year. Louis Vuitton has partnered up with this decade’s most iconic video game by Riot Games, League of Legends. These two great brands bring two beautiful worlds together in this year’s League of Legends World Championships.


Let’s take a look at what’s going on.



For this year’s World Championships, Louis Vuitton created the most high fashion trophy in video game history. The Summoner’s Cup, the most prestigious award given to anyone in E-sports, was encased in an exceptional trophy case embellished with the classic Louis Vuitton patterns.league of legends

China’s FunPlus Phoenix took home this one of a kind trophy this year!



League of Legends has “skins,” players can choose to change the look of their champions (characters). Last year, League of Legends created a skin-line that turned out to be a hit k-pop group called “K/DA.”


K/DA became a hit throughout the world, even to those who don’t play the game. Following this success, League of Legends released another music group this year. This time it is a hip-hop group called True Damage. One of the skins has a prestige version. I want to call it a luxury version as Louis Vuitton designed it.

league of legends

Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Images of the said skin are up online. This does not end there, though. Louis Vuitton has stated they are still creating more capsules for the game. Expect an entire Louis Vuitton skin line. 



This is not the first time Louis Vuitton has collaborated with a game. Three years ago, Louis Vuitton also partnered with Square Enix and used Final Fantasy 13’s protagonist, Lightning, as one of their models. Image result for final fantasy louis vuitton

Image Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The video game world is an entirely new platform for fashion and beauty brands to tap into. Louis Vuitton is not alone to realize this. Other brands have begun partnering with video game companies to see how they can utilize the video game industry’s potential. Nike has also partnered with League of Legends to create the championship teams’ gear. MAC Cosmetics earlier in the year partnered with a Chinese video game to create a lipstick collection. 


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