Overstretched Shirt Necklines? Fix Them With This Japanese Hack!

Problem solved!
by STAIL Team

If you are a fan of minimalist fashion, or just someone who loves wearing T-shirts on a daily basis, you may have encountered this clothing dilemma: the overstretched shirt neckline!

Lucky for us, Japanese hack show ZIP! recently shared tips on how to maintain T-shirt necklines. According to Taiwanese portal TEEPR, wearing your shirt repeatedly isn’t the only reason why shirt necklines are stretched; sometimes, it has a lot to do with how the shirt is washed and dried.

“When a T-shirt is hung out to dry, the moisture tends to weigh it down, hence stretching out the neckline,” TEEPR explained.

Image courtesy of Sew Guide

To fix the problem, you will need a bowl of ice cubes and/or cold water, an iron, and a table or a flat surface to lay the tee on. 

Image result for bowl ice of waterImage courtesy of Healthy Living

First, fold the neckline in a wave-like manner and soak that particular spot in the bowl full of ice cubes.

Next, squeeze the water while the wave-like folds remain intact.

Then, lay the shirt on the table or any flat surface, rub the neckline vertically to flatten it.

Image from Nippon TV / TEEPR

While the tee is still damp, get the iron and flatten the area further. Do it in an upward-downward direction.

Image from Nippon TV / TEEPR

Leave your shirt/shirts on the flat surface to dry. Your shirts should look good as new in no time!


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