These Cups Will Help You Save Mother Nature!

They're just PHP100 each!
by STAIL Team

Cups of the Day & Mother Earth

How many plastic cups of coffee do you have to use before you realize it’s too late for Mama Nature to cope with all the stress you’ve put her through?

By now, most of us have heard that the use of plastics is a big issue for the environment. Add plastics to the list of causes for global warming!  Waste plastic is largely responsible for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which threatens not only the marine life but even humans too.  We’ve all seen plastic cups littering the street or ending up in creeks and oceans and there are simple things we could do in helping mitigating.

Starbucks has been implementing a climate change strategy since 2004, focusing on renewable energy, energy conservation, climate adaptation and mitigation efforts. Starbucks PH recently released an “artsy” tumbler that is environment- and Instagram-friendly!

The cup is made from a recyclable plastic called polypropylene. Customers may now enjoy every sip with a special 20cm green straw that comes with every purchase.

Little changes can make a big difference!

Photo courtesy of Ashley Martelino

The plastic cups that come in four different shades (baby pink, bright orange, soft teal, and vibrant purple) are only PHP100 each. Starbucks grants customers a PHP5 discount every time they use their cups when ordering a drink.

Starbucks also said that by 2020, it will eliminate more than one billion plastic straws in 28,000 branches worldwide.

Starbucks PH Colored Reusable Cup Pink
Image courtesy of Starbucks PH


Although recycling is important, also remember that we should also be focusing higher up the chain, by trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the first place. Think first about reducing and reusing and these cups are just perfect to help you do so.

Rush to your nearest Starbucks store because coffee enthusiasts have already started collecting these cool plastic tumblers since July 23.


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