STAIL Talks: Here Are 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet

Keep your feet from smelling bad!
by Jasmine Gagarin

In this monsoon season, it’s always a challenge to keep your shoes and socks from getting all wet when you’re out and about. Aside from sweat, rain and flood water that keep your feet moist, and in the rainy season when bacteria and fungus thrive, your risk for developing ringworm, athlete’s foot, and smelly feet (or bromodosis) increases.


Here are eight simple and affordable ways to keep your feet odor-free!


Wash that smelly feet away

Don’t just use water but rinse your feet with mild soap too. Scrub between the toes and nail beds to avoid the growth of bacteria.


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Keep your feet dry!

Always dry your feet completely after washing. This prevents bacteria from growing. Don’t forget to use a clean cloth too!

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Clip your toenails

Keep your toenails clean. Clip all hard and dead skin to prevent problems such as infection. (If you are not used to clipping them yourself, ask someone who can do it for you just to be safe.)

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Image courtesy of Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic

Use clean socks

Change at least once a day! Depending on your daily activities, choose socks that are comfy and sweat-absorbent.  Make sure to wash your socks regularly as bacteria and fungus can grow in sweaty socks used over and over again.

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Apply products on those smelly feet

Antifungal foot spray and talcum powder prevent bacteria and fungus from developing and keep sweaty feet dry. You can even apply them to the inside of your shoes and leave overnight to minimize odor.

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Soak your feet in vinegar

This safe and simple treatment prevents athlete’s foot and sweaty and smelly feet. Vinegar also has antimicrobial properties that could help address these problems.

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Rotate your shoes

Your shoes need rest too! Don’t wear the same pair of shoes day in and out. Give your favorite pairs a break to save them and prevent bacteria and fungal buildup.

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Spray the smelly feet goodbye

It’s been known to work since deodorant has antibacterial properties.


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