Thrift Shopping? Here’s Our List Of The Hippest Ukay-Ukay Stores Near You

From multi-colored cloche hats and oversized denim jackets to your favorite Dad Jeans.
by STAIL Team

From multi-colored cloche hats and oversized denim jackets to your favorite Dad Jeans, thrift stores or ukay-ukays never fail to  surprise people looking for “new” clothes to fold and hang in their wardrobes.


STAIL.PH recommends five ukay-ukay stores around the metro to score great deals.


Anonas Mall Ukay


Image courtesy of Ian Ninoy Blog


If you’re a big hoarder of hand-me-down clothes, you might have heard of Anonas LRT Ukay already. Shoppers can spend countless hours combing the racks for vintage jackets, dresses, and belts for PHP20 or less in its four floors. Customers have the option to go from one floor to another and select the items that suit them best.


Starmall Alabang Ukay 



The busiest part of  Starmall Alabang is on the mall’s upper grounds. Clothing racks and boxes of random apparel are stacked together for customers to dig into. Locals say that some clothes in these stores are from upscale brands, and many still have their price tags on!



Ukay-Ukay Wagwagan sa Pasay Taft Rotonda



Just when you thought thrift store clothes couldn’t get any cheaper,  Ukay-Ukay Wagwagan sa Pasay Taft Rotonda proudly posts a “P10 all items” banner on its store’s facade. The air-conditioned thrift store lures shoppers with its dirt-cheap imported stuff.


Carriedo Street, Quiapo 



The busy streets of Quiapo are not only known for vendors selling amulets or anting-anting. When the thrift store business flourished in the area, Carriedo became the go-to place of Manileños for cheap shirts, flannels, and pants.


Raberly UK Center, North Edsa



If you’re a fan of big spaces and air-conditioned shopping destinations, Raberly in Quezon City is pretty much the best place for you. Imported shoes and bags await the hands of lucky customers. Raberly also has branches in Harrison Plaza and Pasay City.


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