Want A Bra-Free Day? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Invest On Nipple Tapes

These tapes won't let you down.
by STAIL Team

If you wear bra almost every day, you’d understand how liberating it is to go home after a long, tiring day at school or work and unhook a bra that held your boobs in place all day.


STAIL.PH gives you these three reasons why you should invest in nipple tapes.


Julia Barretto is one of the celebrities who has always been so open to using nipple tapes.

1. Bra Straps And Sleeveless Tops Don’t Go Together!

Image courtesy of Hip Candy 


There are things that go well together: coffee and creamer, bread and butter, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. And then there are things that leave us confused…like tube tops and bra straps.


End this fashion dilemma. By wearing nipple tapes, you not only cover your nips, you can also rock your sleeveless tops.


2. Bras Aren’t Healthy For Everyday Use

Image courtesy of Avon PH 


In a report from The Daily Mail Online, writers Paul Kendall and Jenny Hope warned women on the risks of wearing bras for a long period of time.


“Women could be putting their health at risk by wearing bras, researchers have warned. A study by two British surgeons found they are more likely to suffer regular breast pain, which has been linked to breast cancer,” the report said.


Pamper your breasts! Take a bra break and wear nipple tapes today!


3. Nipple Tapes Are Cheap And Efficient

Image courtesy of Bench Body 


For a little less than Php200, you can grab the most comfortable silicone tapes! STAIL.PH recommends this Silicon Nipple Tape from Bench Body.


Besides its wallet-friendly price, the tape can also be used up to 15-20 times! it is self-adhesive, washable, and also reusable.



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